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Things You Must Be Aware Of Regarding 918Kiss

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918Kiss online casino, accessible through LIVEMOBILE platform, is all over Malaysia and other neighboring countries too. Let us first reveal to you that it is nothing but a brand new name for SCR888. Now, you know why this particular casino is so famous.

Although it is only a decade old, it is the most popular one out there. SCR888 has always had a special place in the hearts of gamblers in most places. Customers and players do not know few things about this newly named casino, and today we will disclose them to you.

  1. Winning payout is higher than the previous brand name: If a new casino has to gain the popularity of its predecessor, there has to be something to achieve that. It is a winning payout, which is higher than SCR888. Gamblers would have realized by now that winning is relatively easy in 918Kiss. Why is it so? The Malaysian gambling industry is very competitive and so to stay afloat in the business, some perks have to be given to the players.
  2. Improved graphics: Most of the people who played SCR888 regularly and now on 918Kiss would have noticed that the brand logo has been changed. Apart from this, the loading page, login page and the games’ section too have seen changes. But do you know that there are subtle modifications in the graphics of the slots? The new casino has provided a better and improved visual graphics compared to the older one.
  3. Hacking: The popularity of SCR888 is also due to the ever increasing questions on its security, whether it can be hacked or not. Some sources say that, yes the mobile slots in it were hacked. Now, with 918Kiss, it should find some respite from the prying eyes of the hackers.
  4. Android vs iOS: During the earlier version, expert and veteran players concluded that SCR888 generated better winnings with the iOS version. But the new 918Kiss casino is rumored to run better on the Android version and yield more chances to win money and other prizes.

The best slots: The slots in the upgraded casino give out higher payouts. Some of the revamped games like Highway Kings, Wukong, King’s Derby, Great Blue and Monkey Thunderbolt are the best slot games available in giving you good prizes.

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