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Games, Platforms, and Services Offered by Casino Software Developers

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Casino Software Developers

Software developers feature a variety of casino games, platforms, and solutions for excellent user experience

Casino software developers specialize in games, applications for mobile devices, systems for slot machines and terminals, and a lot more. Here are some of the products and services that developers offer.

Games Offered by Developers

Software companies develop games across genres and categories, including popular types such as roulette, dice, blackjack, baccarat, slot machines, and poker. They also feature different variations of dice and lotteries with live dealers.

Casino Platforms with Advanced Functionalities

Major industry players also specialize in casino platforms for gambling sites, with multiple handy functionalities such as integrated internal CMS system, advanced reporting system, live chat integration, and casino shop. Other tools to optimize performance include custom payment system integration, fraud protection, and ongoing technical support. There are plenty of features that ensure seamless functioning and excellent user experience. Some tools are specifically designed to enable casino providers to manage, monitor, and analyze all gaming operations, including player and game management.

Advanced tools to enhance performance include chat messaging, bonus management, cryptocurrency support, and cross browser functionality. Auto play and auto opponent is also a useful feature that offers users the chance to try automated game play or play against automated opponents based on their preferences. Most developers also feature a casino management module which allows providers to manage multiple games and players on a single platform.

In addition to branded platforms, software development companies offer customized solutions based on the customer’s requirements. The development process involves multiple steps such as software testing, on-demand features integration, business environment creation, casino API integration, and testing of software.

The main benefits for online casinos are full control of betting, versatile triggers, and deep configuration for different types of bonuses. The fact that web platforms are easy to configure means that casinos can create campaigns, be it in the form of free bet offers for sports enthusiasts or cashback schemes for high-stake players. In addition, developers feature automated reward modules that are compatible with gamification platforms, loyalty shops, and third party CRMs.

Services Available to Casino Providers

In addition to offering the full suite of functionalities, software companies also feature a wide selection of professional, support, and managed services. Examples of managed services include technical account management, health check and tune-up, and preventive maintenance. Platforms benefit from a systems health check findings report and recommendations for monitoring and maintenance best practices. Support services are also available to help providers manage priority requests and escalations and minimize downtime. Software development companies feature professional services as well, including floor management, layout, and design, content development, marketing consulting, and CMS optimization. Floor layout and design services involve gathering information about cabinets, the facility, and players to draw a plan and map location, cabinet style, and game type.

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