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Harris Casino Releases iPhone Application

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Once smart phones left the corporate world and went off in to main stream society, a large variety of new applications were developed for the devices. Now smart phone owners can gauge the fuel economy on their car, schedule a lunch date, or level a house. People everywhere are asking, “Is there an app for that?” Harris Casino is right in line with the hundreds answering the call with their new poker app that allows people to play poker anytime, anywhere.

Harris Casino’s iPhone Application

The newly developed iPhone app lets poker enthusiasts compete in virtual World Series of Poker games. Players have a total of seven venues to choose from.

Once the player downloads the application to the iPhone or iTouch they start building a bank roll by playing in smaller poker games. When the player has reached a bank roll of $100, they can start competing in larger World Series of Poker games.

Players who play well can eventually win a virtual bracelet from Harris Casino, similar to the gold bracelets handed out during World Series of Poker Tournaments.

Players who utilize the Bluetooth on their iPhone can also compete against several other players within their Bluetooth range.

The Harris Casino iPhone and iTouch application costs $2.99 to download, and can be found at Apple’s website.

History of the World Series of Poker

The World Series of Poker has been held in Las Vegas once a year since 1970. There are over fity-five events in the tournament and the highest participation was over 8,000. Millions of dollars in prizes are awarded to winners in the World Series of Poker tournaments, with the largest prize being over one million on the final day. That prize is awarded to the winner of the Texas Hold ‘Em competition.

In addition to prize money, the World Series of Poker also awards players with a coveted golden bracelet. These bracelets are a symbol for some of the best poker players in the nation.

iPhone – A Perfect Compliment to Virtual Gambling

The iPhone was created by Apple as a hybrid between a smart phone and their popular MP3 player, the iPod. The iPhone is the most popular smart phone for consumers on the market. It offers an advanced touch screen and highly developed graphics.

The iPhone allows owners to download small applications directly to their smart phone. These applications can do anything imaginable and provide a more customized feel to the phone.

Currently, the iPhone is the only smart phone to carry the World Series of Poker application developed by Harris Casino.

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