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I-Slots With Rival Gaming Casinos

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Due to their fast growing popularity, just about all casino software makers create gaming platforms with slots games.  One of the most unique variations is I-Slots, a collection of slots games developed by respected software provider Rival Gaming.  If you like to play slots online, you will definitely want to know more about what makes these games stand out from all the rest.

What Make I-Slots Different?

Rival Gaming’s I-Slots differ from other slots games in a variety of ways.  For example, each time a bonus game is triggered, you must play an entirely new game until the cycle is complete.  Other unique aspects are more subtle yet differences nonetheless.  When playing the bonus games, stories unfold and the outcomes ultimately determine how these stories proceed.  This is a factor that adds a higher degree of interaction to the game, hence the “I” for interactive in I-slots.  In addition to being more interactive than other slots, some of the bonus games are based on skill, which makes them more attractive to players who love a good challenge.

I-Slots Favorites

Based around a golf theme, Hole in Won has quickly become one of the most popular games in the I-Slots franchise.  It is also one of the easiest games to play.  The bonus games in Hole in Won take you through a nine-hole mini golf course.  Bonus points are accumulated depending on various factors, including the wager, number of scatters that triggered the bonus, and the number of strokes needed to put the golf ball in the hole.  Skill is also a factor because the ball must be aimed correctly in order to for you to sink it.  This is not as difficult as it may sound as you simply move the mouse to set the direction in which the ball will travel.  When the bonus is triggered again, you are taken to the next hole, and this process continues until playing all holes on the course.  Once all nine holes are complete, you return back the first one and start all over again.

Reel Crime Heist is one of the more exciting, yet complex I-slots games.  This game is based around an art heist masterminded by Remy and Rauol Mourchard.  Your role is to help them get away with it.  Reel Crime Art Heist offers five bonus rounds in a single cycle.  Each round consists of choosing the piece of art to steal, selecting the tools to pull off the heist, actually conducting the robbery and eluding the law, finding a shady collector to purchase the stolen merchandise, and selling the art without getting busted.  If the band of thieves are caught, they are arrested and you must start over from the beginning.  However, if you complete the heist in its entirety, you are rewarded generously with bonus credits and a virtual trip to Jamaica.

Where to Find I-Slots

You can find these popular I-Slots games and more at casinos powered by Rival Gaming software.  Some that come to mind are Superior, Club Vegas USA, and Cocoa Casino.  The good news is that each casino accepts U.S. players.  Have fun!

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